Aluminum windows and doors design architects nowadays increasingly also in private construction, appreciating their lightness,  modern aesthetics, and durabilities. They are much more resistant than wood to adverse weather conditions, including biological corrosion, it also makes greater fire safety. Modern technology gives very wide possibilities to design aluminium window systems. The colour possibilities are virtually

EAS Manufacturing Plant

EAS Aluminium quality view is not only restricted by the products we manufacture but also it is a part of our corporate identity. Instead of focusing on short-term profits, EAS Aluminium strives for steady growth and stability. We are at your service with our production capabilities shown below.   Tool Production:  We aid our clients
.The Benefits of Aluminium. Aluminium is everywhere. The most plentiful, naturally occurring metal in the planet’s crust, offering a price advantage in many respects, aluminium is an essential element of today’s modern life.  Actually, most of the world uses aluminium every day. Aluminium is so ubiquitous that many of us do not even realize how

Aluminium News Autumn 2019

We bring you a roundup of early Autumn’s aluminium news. Here the recent news: GDA Declared Staff Changes GDA (German Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie) – the association of aluminum companies that manufacture raw aluminum or aluminum products – announced senior personnel changes. Hinrich Mählmann who is President of GDA was re-elected for a further 3-year term


The powder-coated aluminum profile is to use the electrostatic coating basis, the dry powder adsorbed on the aluminium profile, after more than 200° (two hundred) bake temperature, the powder solidified into a layer of more than 60 microns thick solid bright coating, the aluminium profiles are good decorated and protected by the paint. Powder coatings,

Aluminium Special Profiles

Eas Aluminium is a highly-professional Company in Europe specialized in aluminum sector. It offers through consulting, project and design services, offering high quality when and where required with its focus on solutions regarding tailor-made production in line with the needs of its clients It is one of the best suppliers of aluminium special profiles and

Aluminium Door Lock Products

Aluminium Door LockThere has been a rise in the usage of aluminium doors lock and windows in business as well as the personal sector. Using an aluminium door for security is a perfect option as it comes with big benefits that make them useful for security. The security breach is a known issue, thus to

What is Anodizing?

ABOUT ANODIZING What is Anodizing? It is an electrochemical process that turns the metal surface into a durable, decorative, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Aluminium is fine suited to anodizing, although other nonferrous metals, such as titanium and magnesium, also can be anodized. The anodic oxide structure arises from the aluminium substrate and is formed completely
Aluminium Round Tube
Aluminum round tube is an extremely versatile product that is very popular. Because of its strength to weight ratio as well as the range of sizes that it is available in. Aluminum Round Tube is used in a lot of structural applications. It is also popular in the transportation industry ( like bicycle frames) due
aluminum extrusion profiles
The Process of Aluminium Extrusion Profiles Aluminium profiles are fused and extruded to get different parts of aluminum. The manufacturing process of aluminium profiles mainly consists of 3 processes. They are; – Casting – Extrusion – Coloring. Among them, the colour primarily contains, electrophoretic coating, oxidation, powder spraying, fluorine carbon spraying, wood grain transfer and
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