Tool Production

Tool Production

We support our customers during tool process by producing tools under tight tolerances using CAD/CAM software with the latest technology. With our well experienced technical staff, we are able to produce dies in our factory, and we also collaborate with leading local and international sources. As a result, we are able to provide flexible delivery terms and take immediate action for die modification in case of customer requests.

ExtrusionExtrusion is the process, in which aluminum billet, with large force provided by the press, takes the shape of the mold by passing through the steel tools.

Aluminum extrusion is conducted in a hot environment. Billets are heated at 420-520 °C, tools should be heated to 450 °C and the profile temperature coming out of the tool is 500 °C. Profile is cooled upon leaving extrusion, cold stretching is carried out and is cut in the desired lengths. Then profiles are treated with heat in order to gain strength. During this process, the profiles are held at 185 °C for five hours.

Our factory can manufacture EN AW 6060, 6063, as well as special alloys such as EN AW 6082.A wide range of aluminium profile products for the purposes of various sectors and uses, are carried out in our extrusion lines.

AnodizingAnodizing is a surface coating process applied to aluminum products. The anodized layer is very hard and abrasion-resistant and gives extra quality to the aluminum. In addition to prevent oxidation by protecting aluminum against external factors it gives a more decorative appearance.

In our latest technology anodizing facility with a capacity of 6,000 tons, longitudinal profiles of up to  7 m. are processed under the control of international QUALANOD standard.  We provide sustainability of our quality   with full automation infrastructure system in our facility.

Classes of anodic protection:

Class 5: 5-9 microns
Class 10: 10-14 microns
Class 15: 15-19 microns
Class 20: 20-24 microns
Class 25: 25-29 microns

Powder CoatingWe produce powder coated materials in accordance with QUALICOAT standards. Our renewed powder coating line allows us to achieve high quality surface finish and meet customer requests at high level. Collaborating with the leading paint suppliers, we apply all range of custom and standard RAL colours. We ensure high quality level with our quality control process at every stage.

MachiningWe offer various range of fabrication solutions in our continuously expanding fabrication plant. Below are some examples of our capabilities;

  • Cutting in the field lengths from 45-90 degrees.
  • Deburring of cut edges.
  • CNC machining.
  • CNC tube bending.
  • Punching with eccentric press.
  • CNC profile bending.
  • Tapping and countersink drilling.
  • Welding, riveting and pressing.
  • Deburring with vibration.